When being strong is a “choice” you make.

3 min readFeb 1, 2022

As a child we all had a vision of that certain image of the world we will one day grow up in and as . The family we are born in, the alma-mater we go to or the people we surround ourselves with play a significant role in making us understand that nitty-gitty of life ahead of us. Deep inside all of us we have a magical organ called heart which merely wants us to live with the same joy that we once felt while holding our favourite candy-floss.

Irrespective of any barrier we come across we just sail the boat through the high-tides and low-tides of life reading books, sharing thoughts, watching countless youtube videos, listening to podcasts etc etc;as a cope up mechanism sometimes we cry, sometimes we hide, sometimes we pretend, sometimes we just humm and dance.

But, have we ever wondered what would have been the exact picture of our life if for once we made it just as per our own choice and preferences.

Instead of putting the cat back in the bag we let the cat out loose.

Embracing all the days we live that also include breaking down to the tiniest point of losing all our hopes and dreams.

Have we ever paused for a minute to look around people running like they are in a cattle race which isn’t even there’s in the first place to run for? The depth of wanting more and putting up a brave face where as deep inside they just want to pause and alter there reality.

Social media has made us all to be celebrities of some sort where the quality of life is directly proportional to the number of followers and likes.

Why we as a generation have stopped facing the truth and the adverse reality of the bruises we hide under those graphic filters?

Who are we scared of being judged to, are they just the people who themselves are deep-down alike us and are also mirroring the same intensity of pretentious show of there life. Why we sell our life so cheap just because we have a fear of being judged by a mere person having exactly same set of 206 bones ?

I feel it’s high time we come out of that claustrophobia of our “reality” and just breath in who we really are and why we are here on this blue planet.

Beyond all the limitless belief one thing is for sure irrespective of any faith we practice or even not, that one divine power we call by different names can’t be that naive to make us live an entire soul journey directionless, controlled by others. The universe is much beyond the bird’s eye view of ours.

For once let’s be bold enough to face what as a soul want to accomplish without any hindrance from fellow mates around or even if it’s absolutely nothing we can plan and act right now , let’s strongly affirm to make our life driven without any fear of being judged, questioned, bullied for who we are or the choices we make.

Let’s remember for the thousands reasons people disapprove of us of who we really our at core there is one solid reason calling us everyday. It is hidden within us that’s much worthy of shackling this catalogue people ask us to choose from and drain us for no reason.

That one reason is- Never give up on yourself.