Mindfulness- the answer.

Have you ever wondered how some people just have a very different reaction to the same situation or challenge? I mean, how on earth can humans, surviving with the same pair of chromosomes have a wide spectrum of performance when it comes to dealing with a “hole in the boat” kind of scenario.

And that common hindi phrase we use to address such people “YE BAHUT SAMJHDAR HAI”.Honestly there is no magic potion ever invented to tame the lion of fear, anxiety, confusions etc. The answer is very much within.

The answer is. “Mindfulness”, when this word comes to be discussed in our social circles. We tend to imagine of a person sitting for hours in a dark room staring at the candle’s flame.’ But it is such that these people understand life on a deeper level with an attitude of letting go and not holding on to people, places, situations, traumas, experiences etc. etc.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have days they cry out their heart with tears coming out as a river stream with tub of bubble gum flavored ice-cream tub and spoon in one hand and tissue paper in another.

It’s just that once all the hard emotions come out all they do is let the hurdles of life simply pass by with a lot of reflections, shadow-work and using the actual right approach of analysis towards the incident that hit there core of emotions.

Yes, they do have a hunch of taking that revenge by smashing the glass of grace but then they sit and realize what good it is going to cause them in a long run rather just an adrenal rush. And it is not even worth because deep down they know karma leaves no address.

Imagine, yourself sitting on a silent beach with no wild existence of any fellow living being around you. You are gazing at the deep blue water, watching the waves hit the shore trying to calm you down with the wind gushing into your lungs. This is exactly how one feels when they practice mindfulness in their daily life.

Mindfulness is a practice where you sit quietly for say even for minimum 5 minutes with open or closed eyes doesn’t matter at all and you do that self-pep talk to your brain to just calm down and firmly accept the fact that anything- anything I repeat eventually is that wave of water that would eventually just go back like many others that came to the shore.

No situation, opinion, tragedy, or even choices made are as important as the peace of my mind. Human beings have been manufactured in such a way that no matter how old we are, we are looking only and only for peace at the end of the day cause let’s face the truth no one who died has ever came back practically with flying white feathered wings admitting the importance that chaos had made in his or her journey back home.

It’s literally an overwhelming wheel of thoughts we just run in our mind and perform actions accordingly cause our brain has never been trained to switch at times to the zen mode.

So, next time the ball of anxiety comes hitting you hard, making you feel terrible about yourself, or people around just be mindful, zone out for a tiny-tat of time and be firm that your inner peace is to be chosen at any cost.

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